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The T-Rider gives smooth movements to your production with static remote cameras. It has easy control of speed and acceleration to quickly get the perfect camera angle or to create a beautiful camera movement.

Cost friendly

Great value for money. The price of a T-Rider equals the average PTZ camera that can be mounted on top and there are no hidden costs for expensive tube systems. Just get a low budget and worldwide available truss system, saddle up and start the show!

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It’s showtime!

T-Rider is a ‘must’ for live streaming, events and sports competitions. The camera moves very smoothly, so people watching won’t feel distracted by the camera actually moving.

Take it to the next level

With our own developed and unique technology you can easily mount T-Rider on worldwide available truss (tube) systems and get the best shots.

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Early bird promotion

T-Rider complete – Early bird

Regular package: €4.990
Early bird package: €3.990

Order before December 31st, 2019: delivery early April 2020.

– T-Rider
– Extra set of stoppers
PresetMaster License

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