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Innovative technology

With its unique technology the T-Rider adds that little bit of magic to your entire production. Use T-Rider for live streaming, events, sports competitions and much more.

  • Works perfectly with PresetMaster
  • Makes video production even easier
  • Delivers high quality

Technical highlights

  • Carbon-brushless motor technology for pinpoint accuracy, ultra-smooth control, and near-silent operation.
  • Dual engine system with high precision drive control for both on top and under the track.
  • All Dutch design and production.
  • Steel gearbox with 27:1 deceleration.
  • Over 6000 rotations per minute on the engine axes.
  • Beltless wheel drive for longer lifespan.
  • Advanced speed control with 200x per second check and stabilizing.
  • Ethernet (TCP/IP) control.
  • Extra build-in power socket for camera.

Get the perfect camera angle!

Order now!

You can get your T-Rider by sending us a note. The price of the T-Rider is €4990 and it includes a free version of PresetMaster software and it comes with a pair of track stoppers. Very soon we will also release a custom made Peli flightcase and a new system for longer track lengths. If you want to stay updated about these great options, let us know and we’ll notify you when we have news!

Order your T-Rider!

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